Additional Three Months Membership Extension For Active Qantas Club Members

Today Qantas announced another membership extension policy for an additional three months to their Qantas Club lounge program members, most of which will naturally live in Australia.

Qantas has previously extended these memberships as well as the tiers of the Qantas Frequent Flyer program for an extended period following the Covid-19 lockdowns in Australia.

Since March 2020 Qantas has extended eligible paid Qantas Club memberships for an extra 12-months. The first six-month extension was for active members as at 23 March 2020, followed by a further six-month extension as at 23 September 2020.

For those not familiar with the program, it’s the equivalent to the paid memberships for lounges in the U.S. where members pay an annual fee rather than accessing airport lounges through frequent flyer status.

On the matter of status, Qantas has introduced a comprehensive extension policy last year for Australia/NZ based members as well as those members living overseas.

Now Qantas Club adds three more months of membership for active members in their latest (likely final) round of extension.

Whether you’re travelling for business or reuniting with loved ones, we know that relaxing in a Qantas lounge is an important part of your journey. We’ve now re-opened most of our Australian domestic operated lounges.

We’re now extending paid Qantas Club memberships for a further three months for members active as at 23 March 2021.

Who is eligible for the complimentary three-month Qantas Club membership extension?
The extension will only be awarded to Qantas Club members with an active membership as at 23 March 2021, who purchased their Individual, Corporate, Partner, or Group membership or an Annual Guest Card, using a credit or debit card, or Qantas Points.

What does a further three-month Qantas Club membership extension mean?
Qantas will ensure that members with an active, eligible paid Qantas Club membership as at 23 March 2021 will automatically receive a three-month extension on their Qantas Club membership.

I currently have a complimentary Qantas Club membership; will I be eligible to receive the further three-month extension?
No, you will not be eligible for the extension. The extension will only be awarded to paid Qantas Club members who have an active membership as at 23 March 2021, who purchased their Qantas Club Individual, Corporate, Partner, or Group membership or an Annual Guest Card, using a credit or debit card, or Qantas Points.

Do I need to register to get my Qantas Club membership extended?
No, we will automatically extend your membership period by 23 March 2021. We will take care of everything and there is no need to contact the Call Centre.

When will my Qantas Club membership be extended?
If your Qantas Club membership is due to expire on/after March 2021, it will automatically be renewed by 23 March 2021, with an additional three-month extension from the original month of expiry.

The processing date for the three-month extension cannot be changed.

We will continue to monitor the situation, with a view to reassess in the coming months.

These memberships are expensive and more likely than not members who paid this price haven’t gotten their money’s worth over the last 12 months.

Qantas (just like other companies who sell any kind of paid memberships) have tried to accommodate their customers and periodically added additional free months to the membership. Obviously with the situation being fluent and unpredictable it’s hard to say how long these things have to be extended.

I had a look at the Qantas Club like 10-12 years ago when it was cheaper and I lived in the U.S. visiting the American Airlines Admirals Clubs frequently. It would have been a decent deal as Qantas Club partners with AA but in the end I came across a better offer from American itself when they re-opened their Frankfurt Club.


Companies will have to keep giving people bonus time for the period that they weren’t able to use their membership which is basically prepaid as an annual fee in most cases. This doesn’t just include airport lounges but also gyms, movie clubs, dining programs etc.

One thing is for sure, these days I wouldn’t  enroll or extend any paid membership unless there is a real sweet incentive for me doing so. A lot of companies who offer such programs are going out of business too and while that might not be the case with a big airline such as Qantas I’d hate to pay $500 for a year of lounge access and then sit in a hot chair if I can even fly remotely enough to make it worthwhile.