Hilton Honors Status Match & Fast Track Is Back In Business

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Hilton took down, intentionally or unintentionally, its website that processes status matches and fast tracks late last week (read more here), but it is finally back in business.

Members from competing programs can upload their proof of status with a competing program and then have instant Gold-status with a fast track to keep it or advance to Diamond.

You can try access the match here.

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Here’s the most recent match article:

Hilton Honors Gold & Diamond Status Match & Fast Track Change 2021

There are some issues with this match on some markets where it is misused:

Conrad Beijing

Reader Email: Hilton Honors Gold & Diamond Scams In China (Shared Accounts & Sold Invitations)

Reader Email: Even More Hilton Honors Gold & Diamond Scams In China


Not sure why it took close to a week to bring the match back online unless there were some other issues to deal with it too?

I don’t see any changes on the page itself from the earlier piece that I wrote this year. It seems to be precisely the same.

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