Iceland Won’t Become Backdoor To Enter Schengen


Iceland yesterday announced that it would welcome today non-EU/Schengen nationals from countries such as the United States or the UK if they can prove prior Covid-19 infection or have been vaccinated (read more here).

Icelandair sent out a communication today making it clear that this exemption won’t open a backdoor for non-residents of Schengen/EU/EEA to enter the bloc.

You can access Icelandair’s page for travel information here.

Here’s the email they sent out:

Here’s what Iceland announced yesterday:

Iceland Welcomes Vaccinated Or Visitors With Proof Of Previous Covid-19 Infection From March 18, 2021


Iceland is an excellent place to visit or have a stopover when traveling between North America and Europe. Many will, however, face a sticker shock when it comes to the prices.

I guess that this opening will bring some United States, Canadian, and British guests to stay on the island. I have been to the country three times and prefer it during the winter with some snow and wind thrown into the mix.

You have to keep in mind that Iceland is not part of the European Union but is part of Schengen and EEA.

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