Summer Holidays From The UK Start To Look Unlikely

England announced in February that other regions soon followed that essentially banned all non-essential foreign travel from March 8, 2021 (read more here), and flights from four additional countries were banned yesterday (read more here), including Qatar.

Domestic leisure stays are banned until May 17, and there were some hopes that international travel would be allowed roughly at the same time or, at least, by the summer, but that is starting to look unlikely based on signals coming out from the country.

You can access UK’s page for coronavirus information here.

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Here’s an excerpt from the Guardian:

Andrew Hayward, a professor of infectious disease epidemiology at University College London and a member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), said the EU surge showed “the potential for cases to shoot up” in the UK, warning that Britain needed to be careful in easing lockdown measures.

He said the increasing rates in Europe could last up to several months, and that it was “very worrying” to see a possible third wave of the virus while vaccination rates were comparatively low.

“From what I understand, quite a lot of that is the emergence of the strain that came from the UK, the B117 strain, which is more transmissible, which is the same strain that’s still here now,” he told Times Radio on Saturday morning. “I think it just shows that the lockdown in the UK is necessary and we need to be careful as we release and to watch the figures because this shows the potential for cases to shoot up.”

With many Britons eager to book holidays, he also warned that the news “obviously” had implications on travel.

Here’s an excerpt from the BBC:

Dr Tildesley, a member of the government’s Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Modelling, which feeds into Sage, said there was a danger holidaymakers could bring back variants, like the one that emerged in South Africa – which were less susceptible to vaccines.

Dr Tildesley told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “I think that international travel this summer is, for the average holidaymaker, sadly I think, extremely unlikely.

“I think we are running a real risk if we do start to have lots of people going overseas in July, for instance, and August because of the potential for bringing more of these new variants back into the country.

“What is really dangerous is if we jeopardise our vaccination campaign by having these variants, where the vaccines don’t work as effectively, spreading more rapidly.”

Future vaccination campaigns might need to be considered to tackle future variants, but “the longer that we can push that down the road… the better”, Dr Tildesley added.

Here’s what has transpired previously:

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My advice for the readers has been NOT to buy any travel more than a week or two out to an open destination for arrivals based on where you live or your nationality.

There have been travel corridors coming and going with the UK for the past year, and they can change within a couple of days’ notice.

The situation within Europe is quite problematic as the continent battles with the third wave of Covid-19 with more virulent mutations of coronavirus spreading. The deaths are down as the most vulnerable population has mostly been already vaccinated, and the UK’s vaccination rate is excellent.

Let’s hope that there won’t be mutations of Covid-19 that the current vaccines won’t work, or we will be in this current situation for years.

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