Reader Email: World Of Hyatt Account Woes (Suspended & Reinstated)


Another reader with a World of Hyatt-account problem contacted us after we published a piece last week from a person whose account had been suspended and banned from the program but was welcomed to stay at their hotels.

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Note that we use a photo of Grand Hyatt Taipei here for purely illustration purposes. Neither of the cases that we have now published took place there.

Here’s a message from a reader:

Just saw your post on the Hyatt ban. If I had to guess, it sounds like that property may have been Grand Hyatt REMOVED or maybe the Hyatt Regency there. They’re super strict due to high fraud in that region.

I can’t post this publicly, but I’ve been previously banned by Hyatt as well for overlapping stays a few years ago (around 20XX or 20XX) and friends staying under my name. I heard from the grapevine when I got banned that someone else had been banned for the same reason too.

Fortunately I did get reinstated. It seems like either the policy has gotten harsher, since I was told what I did wrong and was given a second chance, or the reader really did do something unforgivable or was obnoxious to the hotel.

FWIW, I only had a few of those “phantom” or overlapping stays that year. Like maybe 3-4, not like dozens.

Relevant portions from the reinstatement email:

“However, we recently became aware of the reservations patterns in your account of overlapping stays and lack of room occupation. Phantom stays at multiple hotels will no longer be allowed to post to your account. We will continue to monitor your account and stays for compliance with our terms and conditions. If a stay or bonus is applied that does not meet the criteria for earning, we will remove the information from your account details. At this time, we have reactivated your account and it is available for your use.”

…but maybe it’s a good idea to warn people not to let people stay under their names. Even if you check in for them and go home, lounge staff may notice that the person is different every time.

Here’s the case that we published last week:

Reader Email: World of Hyatt Risk & Integrity Closes Member Account


The reader was in touch with us and wanted to warn others not to engage in behavior they did (the one today).

Sometimes it may seem that a program doesn’t enforce its rules, but often these cases, in the end, end up in tears with closed or suspended accounts. I am glad that this reader was able to get their account reinstated with just a warning.