Air France – KLM Flying Blue Buy Miles 80% Bonus Sale Through April 11, 2021

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Air France – KLM’s Flying Blue has launched a new miles sale with an 80% bonus through April 11, 2021.

Elite Flying Blue members can purchase up to 300,000 per transaction and others 100,000. There is no limit on the number of miles that elite members can buy yearly.

You can access Flying Blue’s page for buying miles here.

Here’s the price:

The price of a mile is 1.53 euro cents each.


Flying Blue miles come in handy at times (the easiest to book awards is to use their app), and the only way to get access to first-class La Premiere-cabin (need to be an elite member too) that is not available using partner programs.

Air France – KLM sells its miles at a 100% bonus a few times a year, so I would take a pass until the better offer resurfaces.

I have to say that I have found Flying Blue miles quite useful as of late for award flights that I have taken. This has been quite a surprise for me.

Here are the terms and conditions of this promotion:

*During the promotional period, Elite members can receive a maximum bonus of 240,000 Miles when buying Miles, while Explorer members can receive a maximum bonus of 80,000 Miles. Bonus Miles will be rewarded on transactions made between 22 March and 11 April 2021, 2359 CET +1, and will be credited to the recipient’s account when the transaction is complete.

Miles are sold in units of 2,000 Miles up to 100,000 Miles, and in units of 25,000 from 100,000 to 300,000 Miles. Elite members may purchase an unlimited number of Miles, while Explorer members may only purchase or receive up to 100,000 Miles in any calendar year, unless a promotion is active in which case it is possible to either purchase or receive Bonus Miles on top of the 100,000 Miles.

Miles are sold to you by Points Inc. Miles will be deposited into your account within 72 hours of purchase. You have the right to withdraw your purchase within 14 days as provided in the Buy and Gift Miles Program Terms and Conditions. To exercise the withdrawal right or to obtain assistance with the Buy and Gift Miles Program, please contact the Customer Service Centre.