UK Foreign Travel Ban In Place Until July & Institutes £5,000 Fine


UK media has reported that based on the draft laws, the ban on non-essential foreign travel is likely in place until July. Also, the UK may designate the entire continent as RED (hotel quarantine required upon return).

Also, there will be a new fine of up to £5,000 for those trying to travel overseas without a valid reason from March 29.

You can access UK/England page for Covid-19 travel here.

Here’s an excerpt from the Times:

Holidays will be banned until the end of June with people who try to leave the country facing £5,000 fines as ministers tighten border restrictions.

Quarantine-free holidays may not be possible to most destinations until August or September. France is likely to be added to the “red list” this week.

Under draft laws published yesterday to implement Johnson’s road map out of lockdown, leaving the UK without a “reasonable excuse” such as work or education will be illegal until June 30. People who travel from England to another part of the UK with the aim of leaving the country, or who go to an airport trying to do so, face fines of £5,000.

And from the Telegraph:

New Covid rules will make it illegal to go to an airport without good reason with fines of £5,000 for anyone who breaks them.

People “found at an embarkation point” without a “reasonable excuse” for travel will be in breach of the regulations which come into force on March 29.


Haven’t we seen the move of goalposts previously? I guess that nobody would have believed where we are standing a year later, although experts were warning that it would take 18 to 24 months for the pandemic to subside.

I am starting to believe that there may not be a summer travel season in Europe this year, considering the current state of Covid-19 infections and the time it takes a reasonable number of the population vaccinated in the continent.

Let’s hope for a miracle, but be realistic. I would still not commit to buy any travel more than a week or max two out to a destination that allows arrivals based on where you live or your nationality.