IHG Hotels IT Mess: IHG Rewards Accounts Mistakenly Downgraded


IHG Hotels yesterday renewed and rolled out the status extension to member accounts, and it appears that not everything has gone smoothly (not surprised – considering that it is IHG).

We yesterday wrote about the 2021 Spire Elite Choice, based on what had posted to Sebastian’s account (read more here), while IHG Rewards mistakenly decided to downgrade my account to Gold!

You can access IHG Hotels here.

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Here’s what shows on my app:

I would need – 21 (MINUS) nights to reach Platinum status.


It shows that I have 42 rollover nights from 2020 and 51 nights so far for 2021.

And that I need 0 nights to reach Platinum when my account should be Spire Elite.

Here are IHG’s status extension policies:

InterContinental Cali

IHG Rewards Club One Year Member Tier & Free Night Extensions Due to Covid-19

Lowered tier 2021 requirement and rolled over nights from 2020:

IHG Rewards Club Lowers 2021 Qualification Criteria by 25% & Rolls Over All 2020 Nights Into 2021

Spire Elite 2021 Choice Benefit:

IHG Rewards Spire Elite Choice 2021: 25,000 Bonus Points Or Gift Platinum Status


Nothing coming out from IHG Hotels and IHG Rewards really surprise me anymore. Now, the customer service in Manila needs to deal with this IT mess that the US created.

Let’s hope that IHG gets its act together and accounts tiers back to where they should be for members.