Reader Question: How To Extend Qatar Airways Privilege Club Miles Expiring On March 31, 2021?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a question regarding an email that was just received from Qatar Airways telling that Privilege Club miles were about to expire on March 31, 2021.

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You can access Qatar’s page for expiring miles here.

Here’s the question from the reader:

I lost track that I had miles accumulated in Qatar airways from a flight 3 year ago. I just received this email from Qatar airways and am reaching out to you for advice on how to extend the expiration of these miles in the best possible way. I missed out on the 50% bonus on miles purchase. I am based in Boston don’t foresee any travel until sometime in November 2021.

Your help is appreciated. Stay safe

Here’s the email:

REMOVED, did you know Qmiles now last longer than ever before? Each time you earn or spend a Qmile, your balance will be valid for a further 36 months.

You have 13,004 Qmiles due to expire on 31 March 21. You can spend your Qmiles for a wide range of rewards, such as complimentary flights, cabin upgrades and extra baggage allowances. Earn or spend to extend the life of your Qmiles balance for a further 36 months.

Here are some suggestion in the email to extend the validity:

And the web page has more options:

The reader’s miles are about to expire in less than a week. I would say that the only way to extend them for sure is to use $35 and buy 1,000 miles. This would extend the miles that the reader has by 36 months.


The reader’s miles are worth perhaps $100. It is up to them to decide whether spending an extra $35 is worth extending them by three years and if they can ever get enough value for them.

I had some Privilege Club miles (5,000 or so) expire, and I did not lose any sleep over them. Sometimes, it is just easier to let them go if there is not much value attached to them.