Watch Out For Turkish Airlines “Schedule” Change Emails


A LoyaltyLobby reader forwarded us a “schedule” change email from Turkish Airlines that, in reality, was a flight cancellation and rebooking.

The reader had booked a business class return from Copenhagen to Seychelles, and Turkish Airlines had tinkered with both flights from Seychelles (paired down their schedule).

You can access Turkish Airlines here.

Here’s the schedule change email:

The reader’s flight from Copenhagen to Istanbul is still scheduled for May 28, even when the airline pushed out the flight to Seychelles two days out.

The airline has also moved the return from June 5 to June 4, making a week’s long vacation to just three nights.


This is not a schedule change but a flight cancellation and a rebooking.

I am not sure how easy Turkish Airlines is to work with when it comes to these changes. Theoretically, they should offer the reader other choices to get to Seychelles, such as rebooking on other airlines that continue to fly on the date that the reader is scheduled to leave per EC 261/2004.

But Turkish Airlines is one of the more difficult airlines to work with, even during the best of times.