Reader Question: What To Do With Expiring Lufthansa Miles&More Miles? Anyway To Extend Their Validity?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a question regarding the Lufthansa Miles&More program that has hard expiry of miles from earning that is only waived for credit cardholders.

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You can access Lufthansa Miles&More here

Here’s the question from the reader:

By end of this month I have a around 80,000 miles expiring at Lufthansa Miles & More. I could obviously book an economy class ticket between Germany (my home country) and Vietnam (where I work and live) but with current travel and, especially in Vietnam, immigration restrictions this doesn’t seem to be feasible at all. I do not have a status at Lufthansa anymore since I mostly use Turkish Airlines between Germany and Vietnam (Corporate Account and Status).

Is there a way of getting an extension from Lufthansa? I checked their website but couldn’t find anything.

Alternatively, do you have any advice?

I was chatting with Sebastian, who is more familiar with the Miles&More than I, although I have an M&M account and issued tickets on Lufthansa using them.

It appears that only having a Miles&More credit card would make miles NOT expire.

Another option would be to issue a placeholder award ticket and cancel it later for a 50 euro fee and book something else. When you cancel award tickets with expired miles, they then expire on the quarter when the ticket was canceled based on the chat I had with Sebastian.


I am not in favor of programs with fixed mileage expiration policies that I have faced with mostly with Singapore Airlines that allow extending miles once for a reasonably modest fee.

You have to make sure that you don’t bank too many miles with programs that have hard expiry that is difficult to circumvent.

The reader should book an award ticket and later cancel/change it to something he could use. There should be only a 50 euro fee involved and a change in taxes/fees.

I hope that this works out for the reader. Any there any other extension tips that readers may have?