Reader Question: 150 Night Long Stay At Marriott Property – How Are Points Counted?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a question about a rather extended Marriott stay that would earn them an Ambassador-status in the process.

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You can access Marriott Bonvoy here.

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Here’s the question from the reader:

I have not been able to puzzle out despite reading the entire internet; it is probably in the t&c somewhere. I am Gold Elite with Marriott and later this year will have a 150 night single reservation that should move me up to Ambassador Elite.

Do I accrue points at the gold level (status when I start the stay) or Ambassador level (when I finish the stay)? For that long of a visit, it will mean a difference of about 70,000 points, so I wonder if I should break up my stay across different hotels to maximize earnings. Thank you for your time.

Some programs limit the length eligible for the night and points credits, as some SPG members found on very long stays. I don’t believe that this is the case with Marriott, and I did comb through the Bonvoy T&Cs once more to confirm this.


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The reader doesn’t exactly spell out their nightly cost, but the number of elite bonus points would be 70,000 higher at the Ambassador-level 75% (same as Titanium) compared to Gold which is 25%.

This would imply a spend of roughly $14,000 (also the $$$ required amount for Ambassador in 2021 – usually $20,000).

The reader won’t get the Titanium or higher bonus or benefits associated with the status until the stay has been posted to the account.

I would break down this 150-night stay to three blocks; 50 nights, 25 nights, and 75, assuming that the reader doesn’t have any nights in their account for 2021 that is unlikely because of the boost.

Marriott Bonvoy Bonus Goodwill Elite Night Credits Have Posted, Lifetime Status Counters Updated

They would get the Gold bonus for the first 50 nights, the Platinum bonus for the following 25 nights, and the Titanium bonus for the rest (75 nights – same as Ambassador bonus). Also, the reader would get to choose their Annual Choice Benefits earlier:

Marriott Bonvoy Annual Choice Benefit Options 2021 Live – What To Choose & When

They would need to spend two nights elsewhere during the “stay” if broken into three.

With the boost, I would have the first stay long enough to hit 50 nights, the second one to reach 75 nights, and then the rest.

The nightly rate is low, and I have assumed that it is a property where one earns a full 10 points per USD. There are brands where one earns half or even less (Executive Apartments).

Also, I would ensure that the rate that has been negotiated for this stay is elite qualifying. Most of the time, they are, but sometimes you may be in for a negative surprise.


I definitely would break extended stays such as this into smaller chunks, and the hotel will likely ask the reader to settle the bill anyway periodically.

Why not break the long stay and spend two nights elsewhere to maximize the points and benefits? Anything else that the reader should consider? Leave your comments below.

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