Marriott Bonvoy Best Rate Guarantee Issues & Success: Case Sheraton Monterrey


Marriott has offered Best Rate Guarantee for years that was previously called Look No Further. SPG also had a fantastic one that I used numerous times.

As I have been around Mexico for the past three months, visiting different cities, I decided to go to Monterrey next. I booked the incredibly priced Sheraton hotel in the city center.

You can access Marriott’s page for the Best Rate Guarantee here.

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I have not put the Marriott’s Best Rate Guarantee for a test for quite some time, and I thought that it now would be the right time.

Rate Booked on Marriott’s website:

The tax-inclusive price is $109.48.

Rate on

Booking had a mobile/app-only all-inclusive price of $104.10.

Best Rate Guarantee process

I decided to fill out the form. There is no way to attach the screenshot of the competing price, but you can use the message box. I chose the app and noted that this was a mobile-only price.

Marriott does NOT want you to choose the 5,000 points option, and the box is greyed out. The only option to choose is a 25% discount.

If your preference is 5,000 bonus points, do not choose the 25% discount, but proceed without selecting either.

It then gives an error message and a surprise; the 5,000 points option is now selectable!

No Email Confirmation

Marriott doesn’t send you a confirmation by email that the claim has been received. Print out the confirmation screen. They promise to process the claim within 24 hours (perhaps strictly AT 24 hours).


Marriott confirmed the Best Rate Guarantee match close to precisely 24 hours later after submitting it on the website.


I am sure that many feel uncomfortable first submitting the Best Rate Guarantee Form without choosing the 25% discount, while the 5,000 bonus points option is greyed out (I would assume Marriott does it on purpose).

It does become an option after the submission fails without making any selection first. The fair value of 5,000 Marriott Bonvoy points is around $30 that is a bit more than the 25% discount for this reservation.

For more expensive stays, 25% is the better option for sure. But for stays of $100 or less, you should go for the 5,000 bonus points.

I had not made a BRG claim with Marriott for a while. Perhaps I need to start utilizing this part of the program more often.