Accor Plus ALL Fast Track Success Story

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Accor Plus launched a Gold & Platinum-fast track offer for its Silver and Gold members back in February (read more here).

Accor Plus is a paid membership program that comes with dining and accommodation benefits for stays in Asia-Pacific. The number and type of vouchers, as well as price, are market-dependent.

You can access Accor ALL here.

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A reader in Sydney took advantage of this offer and has almost reached a Platinum-status (60 nights), and the reader is at 47 (only 7 more nights).

The Platinum benefits are reasonable in Asia-Pacific and include lounge access.

Here’s the success story from the reader:

0. I am a Silver status ALL member based on being an Accor Plus member (Membership is in Australia)

1. It starts from the commencement of 2021 where my nights from Jul 1 to 31 Dec are rolled over 4 nights

2. Pre promotion I had a 1 night stay. Because of the Double Status night promotions this took my stay count to 6 nights

2. I saw the LoyaltyLobby Post and received the email from Accor Plus on Feb 19th and activated. I had a business a 3 night business night stay a few days later increasing my nights by 6 and activating the first fast track of 10 nights. These nights took my total to 22 nights

3. I then had 2 separate stays for 3 nights and 1 night respectively which were doubled because of the promo adding 8 nights taking me to 30 nights which activated the Gold level status with Accor.

4. On my next stay of 1 night over March 25th weekend was – again – doubled giving me 2 nights and the next fast track of 15 nights was activated adding 17 nights to my 30 nights previously

I am currently at 47 nights well on the way to Platinum.

I am a resident of NSW so all stays were in Sydney city near where I live or a couple hours up the coast which is a holiday area and have family there and the last one at an ‘Equine concept’ hotel the William Inglis Mgallery you may find an interesting place.. everything is horse motif as it sits on a race track and stables.

Normal status requirements:

These are essentially cut in half for 2021 by counting the nights and spend twice.

Here’s the Accor Plus offer for Silver and Gold members:

Accor ALL & Accor Plus Gold + Platinum Fast Track Offer

Accor Plus later launched a 15-Night Fast Offer for Platinum members:

Accor Plus ALL Platinum 15 Bonus Nights Fast Track Offer

Nights and Status Points Count Twice for the Entire 2021:

Accor ALL Double Status Points & Nights For Entire 2021

I decided to have a look where I was standing:

I would need to spend 4,030 euros by the end of 2021 to reach Diamond status taking into account counting the base points twice.


Accor Plus and Accor ALL have made it easy to reach a status in 2021 by offering fast tracks and double counting the nights and base points.

The ALL Platinum benefits are good in Asia-Pacific, and Accor has an excellent presence in the market, especially in Australia compared to competitors.

Depending on how 2021 ends up playing out, it looks pretty likely that I will end up with a Diamond (my Platinum is valid through 2050).