Hotel Drink Vouchers?


When I cleaned up my document bag for expense report purposes, I came across a bundle of unused drink vouchers from several hotels.

Accor gives drink vouchers for tier members and some other hotels when their executive lounge is closed or doesn’t have one.

I counted these unused vouchers, and I had close to 40 of them. Some are for up to two people and variable beverages, from soft drinks to alcohol.

What do you do with these vouchers? Do you always use them, just occasionally or never?


These drink vouchers are not issued for our benefit but to get us to the hotel’s restaurant or bar by offering a drink or two with an assumption that we don’t leave and order food and more beverages.

Even when I was drinking, I rarely used the vouchers that hotels gave. I tend to prefer outlets not attached to hotels with different clientele and atmosphere.

Since I stopped drinking altogether, I should probably throw these in the trash or leave them at the front desk, as I have no use for them.

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