RESOLVED: IHG Hotels IT Mess – IHG Rewards Accounts Mistakenly Downgraded

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Last week, when some accounts were able to choose their Spire Elite benefit of 25,000 points (read more here), my account was mistakenly downgraded to Gold instead (read more here).

I was in touch with IHG’s Ambassador service by email and was able to get the Spire Elite status restored.

You can access IHG Hotels here.

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I had 42 rollover nights from 2020

Yet, the account status showed that I would need -21 (MINUS) nights to reach Platinum when I should have been a Spire Elite.

It has now been fixed as well/

Here’s the response that I receive from IHG Corporate Liaison:

Greetings from the Executive Offices of IHG Hotels & Resorts.  Your contacts to our Rewards Service Center about your IHG Ambassador Rewards account and your Elite status level have been forwarded to my attention for review and handling.

We appreciate your engagement with IHG since 2012, and I’m truly sorry for any confusion experienced regarding your IHG account status being downgraded.  I’ve audited your IHG account in detail and can confirm an error that caused your Spire Elite status to be changed to Gold Elite.  I’ve upgraded your status back to Spire Elite.  I’ve also reviewed all of your stays and confirmed you’ve received the correct 100% Elite points for your Spire Elite status.  I apologize again for any inconvenience.

Thank you again for allowing us the opportunity to look into this for you.

Best regards,

Michael Lawyer

Executive Liaison

IHG® Hotels & Resorts 

P.O. Box 30321, Salt Lake City, UT 84119


I don’t believe that “Michael Lawyer” exists but rather is a pseudonym for email replies from the corporate escalation team based in Utah. Usually, the emails coming from this address deal with account closures and suspensions.

Most of IHG’s customer service work is done from Manila, but a small team is left in Utah to deal with escalations.


IHG Rewards had incorrectly programmed their Ambassador-fast track offer that we recently wrote about, not considering that some may already have a higher status and have a check-in place NOT to downgrade accounts.

Perhaps some quality control is needed at the promotional department when putting these offers out?

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