Thai Airways Advertises Two More “Special Flights” From Frankfurt To Phuket Island

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Thai Airways has put two “special flights” from Frankfurt to Phuket on their schedule which are scheduled to depart today, April 2nd and another one on May 7th 2021.

Phuket is a relatively popular destination for German tourists and there are a few quarantine (ASQ) options on the island which is also destined to be the centerpiece of Thailand’s reopening plan for tourism from July.

There could be further non stop flights from Europe to Phuket coming very soon if the plans as currently designed work out but for now it was only the connection today and the next on May 7th.

It was advertised late March and again yesterday on Thai Airways Twitter feed:

Nobody can travel to Thailand right now without a complicated application procedure for a Certificate of Entry so advertising this a day before the flight actually takes off is futile as you can’t organize an entry permit on such short notice anymore.

The pricing is actually very reasonable:

Here are the fares available for this route when booking it for cash with Thai Airways:

This times I was also able to find mileage awards in the Star Alliance system:

Obviously at the cash rates available it makes very little sense right now to book awards unless you have a program with very favorable awards on hand (United Mileage Plus isn’t great for Europe-Asia).

This is the first time that Thai Airways has their “Special Flights” available for Star Alliance mileage awards again, all previous ones were blocked for embassy bookings and TG exclusive marketing.

These Frankfurt-Phuket flights don’t have the special footnotes about missing entertainment system anymore as the other Europe bound flights have. I wouldn’t count on the full Inflight Entertainment System (or even a part of it) being available. Airlines have to pay license fees for film and audio titles and from what came out THAI stopped doing so a long time ago.


Thai Airways mainline has operating nothing but two handful of flights this year, most of them going to Europe and some to Australia. The airline is currently in a Bangkok bankruptcy court trying to get the reorganization plan approved which I wrote about a couple of times. So far nothing substantial has been achieved in terms of restarting the carrier but a large amount of the workforce has been cut, either through early retirements or buyout schemes.

THAI now offering flights again is at least a small, slightly positive sign. Keep in mind however when you book flights with them using cash the carrier is unable to refund any tickets by orders of the bankruptcy court. Booking through another carrier either as a codeshare or a mileage ticket would be a more secure option.

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