Singapore Airlines Banned Transporting Passengers To Hong Kong April 3 – 16, 2021


Singapore Airlines has breached some of the triggers that result in a two-week ban on transporting passengers to Hong Kong that other airlines have experienced too.

One passenger had tested positive upon arrival to Hong Kong, and three passengers had preflight Covid-19 PCR-RT tests that were not acceptable to Hong Kong authorities. This ban does not affect flights FROM Hong Kong on Singapore Airlines (the airlines fly to HKG without passengers).

You can access Singapore Airlines here.

Here’s an excerpt from the Mothership (access their piece here):

The two-week ban came after a passenger flying from Singapore to Hong Kong tested positive for Covid-19 upon arrival in Hong Kong.

In addition, three other passengers also failed to comply with regulatory requirements set by the Hong Kong authorities.

According to a spokesperson from SIA, the four passengers were transiting passengers, all of whom had tested negative pre-departure.

One tested positive upon arrival in Hong Kong

One transit passenger on board SQ882 had a negative pre-departure test result, but subsequently tested positive after arriving in Hong Kong.

The other three transit passengers also had negative pre-departure test results in their places of origin, but their test documents were later found to not have fully met the regulatory requirements of the Hong Kong authorities.


How can an airline be responsible if a passenger has a valid negative Covid-19 PCR-RT test performed before departure but tests positive perhaps three to four days later when arriving in Hong Kong?

The three other passengers had negative tests, but those did not meet the Hong Kong authorities’ requirements. It doesn’t appear that any of the three would have subsequently tested positive; surely, HK SAR authorities would have mentioned this.

Many other airlines have faced a similar ban previously. I guess that the Hong Kong SAR government would like all arriving passengers to utilize Cathay Pacific that apparently is not held up to the same standards (the local government bailed it out). EDIT: There have been occasional bans on Cathay Pacific flights too from select destinations.