Alex Cruz Could Be The Next CEO Of SAS


The current CEO of Scandinavian Airlines System, usually referred to as just SAS or Scandinavian Airlines, has announced his intention of leaving the airline. The search for the new head of the airline has begun.

Sky News was reporting yesterday that one of the people’s considered for this position is the ex-CEO of British Airlines, Mr. Alex Cruz, who found Clickair, who Vueling later acquired that itself was bought out by IAG, now the parent of British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingus, Vueling, and LEVEL.

Here’s an excerpt from the Sky News:

Alex Cruz, the former British Airways (BA) boss, has been approached about becoming the new chief executive of SAS, Scandinavia’s biggest airline.

Sky News has learnt that Mr Cruz, who left BA last autumn, is among a small number of candidates identified by the partly state-owned carrier to succeed Rickard Gustafson.

The status of discussions between SAS and Mr Cruz was unclear on Monday, while the identity of any other contenders for the job could not be ascertained.


SAS has hubs in Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Oslo and almost went under in the early 2010s.

The airline was originally owned by the Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian governments. The latter has sold its shares, but the first two still own roughly 30% of the airline.

I am sure that all ex-airline CEOs and other airline top management members are considered for this position. It would be an interesting move for a Spaniard to run an airline in Northern Europe with a very different personnel culture than in Spain or UK.