Trans-Tasman Travel Bubble Starts On April 19, 2021


There have been talks about a Trans-Tasman travel bubble since mid-2020, and Kiwis have already been welcomed to many Australian states but have needed to quarantine upon returning to New Zealand.

Now, there will be a two-way Travel Bubble between Trans-Tasman (Australia and New Zealand) from April 19, 2021, but possible passengers should be aware that they may end up stranded or isolated after returning to New Zealand in case of outbreaks.

You can access New Zealand’s page for Covid-19 information here.

Bubble flights between Australia and New Zealand would not mix passengers eligible for quarantine-free travel with others and would be staffed by crew members that have not worked on risky flights.

New Zealand’s traffic light system:

If there is an outbreak in any part of Australia, New Zealand will close its border for arrivals from that specific state, or passengers would need to quarantine upon arriving back in New Zealand.


Few Covid-19 cases in Australia or New Zealand, and this travel bubble bursts like what happened with the one between Hong Kong and Singapore that was canceled just days before it was set to begin.

But it is good if the Trans-Tasman travel bubble finally begins and is successful. It could lead to the broader opening of travel for residents of Australia.

Kiwis have been free to leave and travel as long as they have quarantined upon returning, unlike Aussies requiring a permit from the State to exit the country.