Design Hotels Gift Certificates With 20% Bonus

Design Hotels, an entity now majority-owned by Marriott inherited from Starwood, has launched a gift certificate sale with a 20% bonus.

These gift certificates are likely hotel-specific and valid for a minimum of three years. There are currently 35 participating hotels.

You can access the Design Hotels page for buying gift certificates here.

Here are the participating hotels:


I would not buy a hotel-specific gift certificate unless I plan to stay there in the next few weeks. It is also unclear whether you can use them at all rates or only on flexible ones.

The situation with Marriott and Design Hotels is fascinating. Some Design Hotels are Marriott Bonvoy participating while others are not. Some have been but dropped while continuing to carry the Design Hotels flag.

Starwood was also very slow at integrating Design Hotels into the SPG, and it is only now that Marriott tries to take the German company entirely over.

Here are the terms and conditions of these gift certificates:

  • Pay now and get 20% added value for free
  • Buy with confidence: Gift Certificate is valid for a minimum of 3 years
  • You will receive the Gift Certificate within 72 hours of purchase