Does Marriott’s Fairfield Brand Offer Complimentary Breakfast For Platinum & Higher Members In Asia?


A LoyaltyLobby sent us a question via DM on Twitter regarding a complimentary breakfast at Marriott’s Fairfield-hotels in Asia.

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Here’s the question from a reader:

Hi John, do you know if there’s any official rule re: breakfast benefits for Platinum/Titanium Bonvoy members at the Asian Fairfield by Marriott properties? Do Fairfields in Asia provides breakfast as the welcome amenity or what’s the arrangement?

I have not stayed at a Fairfield property in Asia where they are popping up in Japan at the moment.

However, I have at quite a few Courtyards that provide far superior benefits in the area than in North America, including executive lounges and lavish restaurants in Japan and other countries (Hong Kong & Thailand).

As this was unclear to me, I decided to contact Marriott.

Response from the Marriott spokesperson:

The welcome gift for the Fairfield Inn brand is:

Gold member – 250 points only

Platinum and above – 500 points or F&B amenity

At Fairfield Inn in the US/Canada, free breakfast is offered to all guests. Fairfield Inn in Asia operates differently and does not offer a free breakfast guests.

Marriott has some confusion when it comes to the Fairfield Inn/Fairfield brand and what benefits elite members can expect.

I couldn’t get an answer if Platinum and higher members can choose a breakfast instead of the 500 welcome amenity points or F&B credit, like at many brands that don’t have lounges or offer complimentary breakfast such as daily $10 F&B per person credit (max two people) at Courtyards in North America.


Everyone, regardless of elite status, gets a complimentary breakfast at Fairfield-hotels in the United States and Canada. It seems that now when this brand expands to other markets, there will be exclusions.

This is not ideal from the branding perspective. How can guests know, like the reader, what to expect? Let’s hope that these Fairfields in Japan allow Platinum and higher members to choose breakfast as their F&B option instead of the 500 amenity points.

However, I have to say that I don’t mind staying at Courtyards in Asia, where they are more like full-service hotels than too many dumps in North America.

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