France Bans Certain Short-Haul Flights


The French parliament on Friday banned on few short-haul flights between cities where the train ride doesn’t take more than two and a half hours.

Air France A319

The bill removes flights between Paris, and Nantes, Lyon, and Nantes. Airlines can continue operating flights from these cities that feed long and medium-haul flights.

Here’s an excerpt from the rfi:

The French parliament on Saturday voted to abolish certain domestic air routes that can also be made by train in less than 2.5 hours. This is just one of the many propositions in the government’s flagship climate bill currently under scrutiny by lawmakers.

The measure aims to remove flights between Paris and Nantes, Lyon and Bordeaux – although it allows exceptions for connecting routes.

It was voted on after lively debate in the National Assembly, during which MPs from south-western France – where the Toulouse headquarters Airbus is located – warned the aeronautics industry would be unfairly hit.


Considering that railway stations in Europe are usually in the city center, and the airports half an hour to an hour outside, and all the time needed to be at the airport before the flight and security circus involved, it doesn’t make any sense to take such short flights.

Not sure if you need a law to do this, but lower the rates involved in train travel and make sure that the experience is good (it is not always in Europe).

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