Reader Email: Marriott Bonvoy Missing Lifetime Year In 2020


Another reader contacted us regarding a missing lifetime year in 2020 that Marriott Bonvoy claims was added to his account.

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Here’s part of the email that the reader sent us:

Here is the point… if they would have not extended my status on June 2020, I would have had now nine years of lifetime elite and working on my 10th this year because on March 2020 they updated my status, based on my 2019 stays to eight lifetime elite years.

I know they have made all that math below, but that to me is irrelevant. I had eight years in 2019 (which they updated on my account in March of 2020) I then, earned over 76 nights in 2020 (76 just from June – October) so in March 2021, they should have updated my status to nine lifetime elite years.

It’s just that simple.  I did not ask for an extension of my status in 2020, they did that on their own.

Here’s the count that Marriott forwarded to the reader:

2016 – Platinum – 1 year from SPG account – credited March 2017
2016 – Platinum – 1 year from Marriott Rewards account – credited March 2017
2017 – Platinum – 1 year from SPG account – credited March 2018
2017 – Platinum – 1 year from Marriott Rewards account – credited March 2018
2018 – Titanium – 1 year from SPG account – credited March 2019
2018 – Titanium – 1 year from Marriott Rewards account – credited March 2019
2019 – Titanium – 1 year – credited March 2020
2020 – Titanium – 1 year – credited early June 2020 (normally would have been credited March 2021)
Credit for 2021 (this year) will be added in March 2022

Here’s what it should be according to the reader:

What happened in reality…

2018 –  I earned seven years of lifetime elite, which showed on my account sometime in March of 2019.

2019 —- I earned eight years of lifetime elite, which showed at the end of March 2020.

2020— I earned nine years of lifetime elite, it never showed on my account, because they extended the eight years, assuming that I was not going to earn the additional year due to COVID.  So, March 2021 came and went and my account still shows eight lifetime years, when it should show nine.

2021, this year, I will have my 75+ elite nights and should qualify me for lifetime Platinum elite in 2022, but because they extended my years from 2019 on 2020, I will need to go one more year. In other words. The 76+ nights I stayed in 2020 that otherwise would have counted had they not extended me automatically, went to waste.

Note that the reader sent us the entire email thread he had had with Marriott Bonvoy customer service.

There does appear to be a mismatch of what the reader should have credited based on his calculations and what Marriott Bonvoy has credited, and he is not alone.

We have covered this issue few times, and even Marriott Bonvoy customer service has sent out conflicting statements.

Here’s the official Marriott Bonvoy spokesperson statement in regards to lifetime years:

JW Marriott LimaWhen Marriott Bonvoy Lifetime Status Years Change In 2021?

Here’s what customer service told a reader a few days later:

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Marriott Bonvoy Customer Service Response Regarding Adding Lifetime Years In 2021


It is challenging for me to believe that all these readers who claim Marriott didn’t add a year to their count in 2020 would be wrong.

We all know the technological challenges Marriott has trying to run its loyalty program and reservations, often ending up with duplicate reservations or not canceling a reservation when a member has.

It wouldn’t surprise me if there is a glitch with some accounts that have lead to an incorrect number of lifetime years.