Avianca LifeMiles Buy Miles With Up To 155% Bonus April 13 – 16, 2021

Avianca LifeMiles has launched yet another sale to buy miles up to a 155% bonus between April 13 – 16, 2021.

Avianca Brazil Plane

LifeMiles members can buy up to 200,000 miles yearly (before bonus), and the maximum bonus under this sale is 155%.

You can access this offer on the LifeMiles website here.

Here’s a copy of the email that Avianca sent out:

It is, however, noteworthy that Avianca is still under administration:

Avianca Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

So far, this didn’t impact LifeMiles, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the future. Keep in mind right now, pretty much all you can do is buy buy buy and give them money due to the limited travel options.

Once people can start widespread redemptions again, there might be a certain risk involved. LifeMiles could suddenly and without warning devalue their award charts again as they did before.

Nothing definitive at this point that would suggest this to be the case, but it may be good to have it in mind before investing money into miles these days.


LifeMiles can come in handy for premium cabin redemptions and are currently the cheapest Star Alliance miles that one can buy. The lowest price that Avianca has sold LifeMiles over the past 12 months has been with a 200% bonus.

When I tried to demonstrate the purchase price this morning, when writing this piece, the buy miles function was down.

I would not buy any LifeMiles right now unless you have an immediate use for them, and the award availability through Avianca LifeMiles exists.

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer:

This promotion is exclusive for LifeMiles members who have received this email directly from LifeMiles. The promotion applies from April 13 to 16, 2021 (00.00-23: 59 GMT -6, El Salvador). The bonus to be granted is applied as follows: for purchases between 1,000 – 15,000 LifeMiles you receive an additional 140%, for purchases between 16,000 – 50,000 LifeMiles you receive an additional 150%, for purchases between 51,000 – 200,000 LifeMiles you receive an additional 155%. The bonus is calculated on the miles to buy per individual transaction not including the 2×1 bonus. Miles must be purchased in multiples of 1,000. The minimum number of miles to buy per transaction is 1,000 LifeMiles. The maximum number of miles to buy per transaction during the promotion is 200,000 miles. Additionally, the limit of miles that a member can receive for the duration of the promotion, including the bonuses that apply, is 540,000 miles less the miles they have purchased in 2021 and their respective bonuses. The purchase transaction cannot be carried out if the number of miles to be purchased and the corresponding bonus, taking into account all the miles purchased in 2021 and their respective bonuses, exceed 540,000 miles, unless, without applying the bonus of this promotion, are less than or equal to 540,000 miles, in which case, the transaction will be processed, and no bonus will be awarded, giving the Member such warning. The limit of miles per calendar year that a member can receive for purchasing miles outside of the promotion is 200,000 LifeMiles, including miles received as a bonus. If the member, through the purchases made during this promotion and other purchases made during 2021, taking into account the bonuses received in said purchases, exceeds this limit, they will not be able to buy Miles again outside of promotional periods until the year next calendar. The 1,000 LifeMiles block has a cost of US $ 33.00 excluding applicable taxes and US $ 40.26 * including all applicable taxes depending on the country of correspondence registered in the LifeMiles database. The purchase of miles is not reversible or refundable, except in countries where this right is granted by local law, such as the right of withdrawal in Colombia, where applicable. The sale of Miles is an instant execution contract. Once the Member makes the payment of the Miles, they will be credited to the Member’s account immediately. As of the accreditation of the miles, they can be used immediately in accordance with the terms and conditions of the LifeMiles program. Miles are not endorsable. The purchase of miles is available at, Avianca Points of Sale or Avianca Call Center. For residents of Venezuela, it is available only through Only form of payment in and Avianca Call Center: credit card or international debit card. Cash payments only at Avianca Points of Sale. The receipt of the purchase transaction will reflect the total number of miles credited to the member’s account, including the mileage bonus and the total amount charged for the transaction. The miles of this purchase do not apply to maintain or achieve LifeMiles Elite status. The promotion does not apply to the Flexible Payment option (LifeMiles + Money) during the air ticket redemption payment flow. The miles purchased, once credited, may be redeemed in accordance with the conditions specified in the Terms and Conditions of the LifeMiles program and the portfolio of products and services available for redemption. LifeMiles Terms and Conditions apply. Check them out at LifeMiles is a registered trademark of LifeMiles LTD. * The securities are settled at the exchange rate in effect on the date of the transaction. The price may be lower depending on the country of correspondence of the member entered in the profile of their LifeMiles account.

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