Marriott Bonvoy Ambassador Service Center Now Claims That Two Lifetime Years Are Added In 2022


Marriott Bonvoy appears to have taken missteps when trying to add lifetime years to select member accounts in 2020, and customer service is unable to rectify the issue.

The official line has been that the additional year was added to all eligible members in 2020 when everyone’s status was extended due to the Covid-19 by a year. This appears, however, not taken place with everyone, or otherwise, we wouldn’t have received so many similar messages from our readers regarding the issue.

You can access Marriott Bonvoy here.

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Here’s what the Marriott Ambassador supervisor had told one of our readers yesterday:

I just had an EXTENSIVE conversation with a senior manager on the Ambassador line.

She informed me that the FAQs were recently updated and that everyone will be getting credited for the 2020 year in February 2022. If you make your status for 2021, you will see 2 years added to your lifetime status. If you do not earn your status in 2021, you will only see 1 year added to your status.

She apologized for all the runaround and misinformation and assured me this will addressed and I will infact get the credit for the year that they held back. As a sincere apology, she issued 25k Bonvoy points.

Here’s the official line from the Marriott faqs:

When will my year of 2020 Elite status be applied to my account so I can track my path to Lifetime Elite Status?
In a normal year, members receive their tenure year of Elite status in one of two ways:  In Q1 (when we run our annual renewal and downgrade processes to assess the member loyalty activity in the prior year) or if they achieve a higher Elite level, their tenure year for the higher level is applied upon achievement.

During July 2020, when we extended the Elite Status that members earned in 2019 until February 2022, members also received their 2020 year of Elite status. Also note, if you achieved a higher Elite level during 2020, your 2020 year for the new, higher level was applied at the time of achievement.

If you maintain the same Elite level for 2021, your 2021 year of Elite status will be applied to your account in January 2022. If you achieve a higher Elite level during 2021, your 2021 year for the new, higher level will be applied at the time of achievement.


A Member achieved Platinum Elite in 2018, enjoyed the status in 2019 and re-achieved Platinum Elite by staying 50 nights. They received their 2020 year of Platinum status in Q1 2020.

A Member achieved Platinum Elite in 2018, enjoyed the status in 2019 but they did not stay enough nights to renew their Platinum Elite status and downgraded to Gold Elite in Q1 2020. They received their 2020 year of Gold status in Q1 2020.

A Member achieved Platinum Elite in 2019 and enjoyed the status in 2020. They received their 2020 year of Platinum status in July 2020 when we extended Elite status.

A Gold Elite Member achieved Platinum in April 2020; the Platinum year of Elite status for 2020 was applied upon achievement.

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Marriott’s outdated IT must have been an issue in not correctly updating accounts with lifetime years in 2020. Some claim that they did receive it, while many have not and can back up the claim with proof.

Marriott has given so many different versions when the missing year is added from sometime this spring to early 2022, or there is nothing to add.

I believe that Marriott trusts that they have added the correct number of years, but I have a tough time believing that this would be the case based on the reader response and evidence that some have provided us with.

Platinum, Titanium, and Ambassadors members are the most affected, precisely those whose business Marriott should try to keep and not drive away in masses. Perhaps Silver and Gold are not so diligent on their counts due to lack of benefits.

I genuinely hope that Marriott could get to the bottom of this issue and get it resolved. Fighting with their elite members that appear to be right is not the correct way to run a business and won’t ensure the company’s long-term success.

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