Tropicana Las Vegas Sold – What Happens Hilton’s DoubleTree Affiliation?


The Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas has been sold to Ballys, with nothing to do with the hotel under the same name in Las Vegas part of Caesars, for $308M, and the deal is expected to close in early 2022.

Tropicana became affiliated with Hilton’s DoubleTree brand in 2012, and it is unclear how this purchase may affect or complicate the partnership.

You can access Hilton’s page for Tropicana here.

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Here’s an excerpt from the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

Bally’s, formerly Twin River Worldwide Holdings Inc., purchased the brand name from Caesars last year. The deal allowed it to rebrand “virtually all of its portfolio properties under the Bally’s name and logo,” but gave Caesars a perpetual license to maintain use of the Bally’s brand at its Strip hotel-casino.

Spokespeople for Caesars did not respond to a request for comment on how Bally’s Corp.’s most recent purchase would affect Caesars Entertainment’s Strip property operating under the same name. Caesars CEO Tom Reeg has said that the Reno-based company plans to sell at least one Strip property by January 2022; some have speculated that its Bally’s property on the Strip could be up for grabs.

Here are Bally’s current properties:

Here’s our piece back from 2012 when the casino became affiliated with Hilton:

Tropicana in Las Vegas to Become Hilton Hotel in December Under the DoubleTree Brand


It is unclear what happens to Tropicana’s affiliation with Hilton and DoubleTree when this deal completes in 2022? They may or may not stay affiliated to draw Honors members to stay at the property.

You should not have issues getting your Honors points, nights credits, and benefits until the property potentially exits Hilton’s system in 2022.

I would not hesitate to book the hotel, expecting to get the usual Honors benefits at least until the end of this year.