Hospitality Is Not Difficult: Case Hyatt Place Los Cabos


As many of our readers are aware of based on the recent coverage, I have been in and around Mexico since early January.

Most of my stays have been good to excellent, while there have been three Compensation Clinic cases.

You can access Hyatt Place Los Cabos here.

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I recently posted about good service at three hotels in Mexico that went out of their way to ensure that I had a good stay. Hospitality is not tricky. You confirm that the guest is happy with the service provided.

I don’t often stay at a Hyatt Place, but I decided to stay at one in Los Cabos earlier this week for three nights.

As I have noted earlier, Mexico is a coffee country, and there are rarely tea bags inside rooms and suites instead of numerous coffee packets.

I called the Gallery Host, who turned out to be the GM of the property, and who also checked me in. I didn’t know it at the time. I requested some amenities, but I was unsure what items were complimentary and what chargeable at the Hyatt Place. I learned that you could get toothpaste but not mouth wash (I picked up some from OXXO later).

They delivered the tea, stevia, creamers that I requested.

After I came back two hours later, I had a box of Earl Grey tea waiting too with the business card from the General Manager. Very nice touch.

Here are the videos of the accommodation I had at this hotel:

Three hotels going the extra mile in the past couple of months:

Fabulous Fridays: Hotels Going The Extra Mile


Hospitality is not difficult. You under-promise and over-deliver. It is that simple and works for most other businesses too.

Unfortunately, many hotels and chains do it the exact opposite, and you need to “fight” to get the benefits you are eligible for (wait for my Whine Wednesday rant this week).

The General Manager read my Hyatt file, saw the tea type that I like, and provided a box. Surprise that I was not expecting, and it confirms that the hotel is well run.

What positive surprises have you had lately?