Reader Comment: “How Low Can Marriott’s Brand Standards Go: Case Renaissance Palm Springs”


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a note about a stay at Renaissance Palm Springs that, for me, looks more like a homeless shelter than a hotel affiliated with Marriott.

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You can access the Renaissance Palm Springs website here.

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Here’s the email and images from the reader:

Since there is no housekeeping during your stay, the hotel has conveniently put large concert/outdoor event style cardboard trash bins throughout the hotel – inside (next to the front desk and in the guest room hallway) and out (in the public areas such as the pool) – likely another way to cut costs of needing staff to empty on a regular basis.

And for guests who don’t use these bins, the reduced staff seems to ignore trash left around the hotel: we saw a candy wrapper on a couch in the lobby there all day and an abandoned bottle of sparkling wine on the ground in the same place throughout our stay.

The Pandemic seems to have only hastened Marriott’s loss of control over it’s franchise properties adherence to even the most basic standards, let alone specific ones unique to each brand. We hope Marriott can or will get rogue properties back inline and this is not the new normal.


It is unfortunate how low Marriott allows hotels to go when it comes to facility management and benefits provided to elite members.

If the business is not sustainable in the current environment, why not close the hotel and let others succeed?

As the reader points out, it appears to me that Marriott is in the process of losing control of the system if they already haven’t.

I find this very unfortunate because Marriott was a very well-run oiled machine when I mostly stayed at their hotels in the 2000s. Hotels and employees were always very professional and issues resolved on the spot. It is like they don’t even try anymore.