Reader Email: Qatar Airways Extends Matched Status But Not Qualification Period?

Qatar Airways offered status matches last year for members living in select countries and flying with competing airlines. A reader dropped us an email about Qatar’s inability to extend the qualification period.

Qatar Airways Privilege Club

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I matched my status last year and it is valid till June 16th this year. I cannot manage 150 qpoints because of COVID and they only extend status till 31.12.2021. but not allow US to collect these 150 Qpoints till the end of year too to keep status next year!

I do not understand Qatar AIrways why then they matched our status when they do not give us chance to prolong status!Until June 16th it is so hard to collect any miles to prolong status!!!I wrote them and receive this reply! Thanks.

Here’s the email from Qatar Airways:

Thank you for writing to Privilege Club.

Please be advised that 150 Qpoints must be earned on/before 16th June 2021 not 150 Qmiles to retain your Gold tier till 31 December 2021 as per the policy.

Do let us know if we can assist you further.


Qatar Airways extends the status by six months, but doesn’t the qualification period for keeping it?

This doesn’t make much sense, but there is a lot of incoherence when it comes to the customer service of Qatar Airways and Privilege Club.

Often they may end up changing their policies at the end after enough members contact them, but getting a waiver or favor is practically impossible. Customer service team members are prohibited from using any common sense beyond prepared copy/paste scripts.