Hilton Honors Status Match Site Down Again?


A LoyaltyLoby reader who had tried to apply for a Hilton Honors status match was faced with the white screen of death below.

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You can try access the match here.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

This email to you is just a notification, I’m anxious to wait for the 5th business working day as they told me.

Here’s what Hilton emailed to the reader:

Hilton has periodically had problems with its match website that we have covered here on Loyaltylobby. The site was most recently down back in March:


Hilton Status Match Website Down Or Program Ended?

And then back up a few days later:

Hilton Honors Status Match & Fast Track Is Back In Business


Not sure what are the challenges that Hilton is facing trying to keep its Honors status match page up and running correctly so that those trying to migrate from other programs wouldn’t be facing this white screen of death?

Let’s hope that Hilton can fix it expediently. It was down for roughly a week back in March.