Radisson Rewards Americas Award Devaluation Property List


The US Government forced Radisson to splits its website (read more here) and soon Rewards Program (read more here) into two due to the ownership of the company (Chinese Government).

Radisson Rewards Americas yesterday announced a significant devaluation of its hotel awards in the region, and we have now spelled out the changes hotel by hotel.

You can access the update here.

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  • 180 Decreased
  • 40 Same
  • 395 Increased

Radisson Hotel Americas has 615 hotels in the region. 64% of the hotels require more points from mid-June, while 29% will require less. There is no change at 7% of the hotels.

Note that some may require less than now when RewardSavers are in effect.

Here’s the change by property:

Download (PDF, 516KB)

Radisson Rewards current award chart:

Radisson Rewards new award chart:

Here’s out yesterday’s piece about this change:


Coming Soon: Massive Radisson Rewards Award Devaluation In Mid-June


Raising the number of points required at 64% of its Americas hotels is pure insanity when the occupancy and cash rates have both crashed due to the ongoing pandemic.

Contrary to raising the number of points required at two hirds of its hotels, the number of points required at most hotels should have decreased.

You cannot read this any other way than a major devaluation of points that Radisson Rewards Americas members have sitting on their accounts. Is Radisson Rewards going to introduce a similar devaluation for the rest of the world?

It is difficult to understand why Radisson has decided to trash its program while many are looking for a new “home” by making most awards completely unreasonable compared to paid rates?

You get much better value by using OTA loyalty programs or booking lower OTA rates and pocket the savings, or stay elsewhere.

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