Radisson Rewards Europe, Africa, The Middle East & Asia-Pacific Award Massacre June 2021


Radisson Rewards Americas earlier this week released their changes to the award categories that will take place in mid-June (read more here and here).

The US Government required Radisson to split its operations due Chinese Government owning the hotel company through Jing Jiang (read more here and here) and keeping the data of US consumers separate.

You can access Radisson’s page for the change here.

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Now, Radisson Rewards for outside of the Americas has released their award devaluation for 2021 that takes place sometime in mid-June 2021. They don’t even try to pretend, unlike the Americas, that a significant devaluation wouldn’t be taking place.

Here’s how Radisson’s PR team tries to put lipstick on a pig:

Beginning June 2021, your exclusive benefits are improving and expanding. Discover below how you can put them to work for you this summer and beyond.


We’re making redeeming Award Night stays easier, more accessible, and more valuable for you.

You asked for simplicity—we’re making it more rewarding, too

  • You will follow the same Award Chart as your travelers and have the ability to redeem for an Award Night stay starting at just 15,000 points!
  • The number of Award Night categories will be reduced from seven to five
  • All category point values will increase in increments of 15,000 points
  • The number of hotels available at 15,000 points will double—more options, more value


You’ll always experience:

  • No blackout dates
  • No capacity controls
  • A generous cancellation policy
  • Ease of booking

Current Award Categories

New Award Categories

Note that unlike in the Radisson Rewards Americas, there won’t RewardSavers at a discounted rates.

Hotel Categories Sometime Mid-June 2021:

Download (PDF, 67KB)

Here are the Americas Changes:

Radisson Rewards Americas Award Devaluation Property List

Coming Soon: Massive Radisson Rewards Award Devaluation In Mid-June

Reasons for Splitting the Programs:

Radisson Rewards Program Splits Into Two In June 2021


Radisson Splits Americas From Rest Of The World To RadissonHotelsAmericas.com


Unfortunately, we are not able to make a similar comparison like we did for the Americas (see here) that would show the number of points the hotel requires more or less come mid-June 2021 due to how Radisson displays the changes for the rest of the world (they must have done this on purpose – obfuscation).

I still don’t get why trash the program by major devaluation now when the hotel business is in the toilet? It would be of the utmost importance for the hotels to get their loyalty program members back to occupy otherwise empty rooms rather than driving them away to the hands of the competitors.

What on earth Radisson Rewards and Radisson Rewards Americans were thinking?

It is generally accepted that Chinese companies don’t get loyalty programs and the value they bring, which is demonstrated what is taking place with Radisson.

Here are the frequently asked questions by Radisson:

What is changing about the award chart?

Our Award Chart is being simplified. We are reducing the number of categories from seven to five and all category point values will increase in increments of 15,000 points starting at 15,000 points for category 1 and capping off at 75,000 points for category 5.

Along with simplifying your Award Night stays, we’ve doubled the number of hotels available at 15,000 points. Visit our website here for more information and visuals to show you how the Award Chart is changing to benefit you!

When is the Award Chart changing?

The Award Chart will be changing in the middle of June, keep an eye out for our future communications confirming the date.

What if I booked an Award Night for a hotel that is going down in points, will my points get refunded?

You will not be automatically refunded the difference. If you find that your existing redemption stay is now available for a lower point cost, you are free to cancel the original redemption reservation and re-book the stay at the lower point cost. Otherwise, you will need to request the refund by calling our Member Services team.

What if I booked an Award Night for a hotel that is going up in points, will I be charged more?

No, you are in luck! We will honor the rate at the time you booked your stay.

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