Emirates Skywards Introduces Promotional Mileage Upgrades

Emirates email yesterday was pushing its most recent mileage sale that turned out to be targeted (read more here), included some other interesting information.

The email suggests that Emirates has introduced personalized upgrade offers using Skywards miles that are only available when buying ticket on their website.

You can access this offer on Emirates website here.

Here’s the tidbit on the email:

And more information on their website:


You would assume that these upgrade offers are for less miles than what they would otherwise cost, and only available during the booking process.

Unfortunately, I cannot check this function as I have less than a thousand SkyMiles sitting on my Emirates account.

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer:

  1. To avail of Miles Upgrade promotional offers, an Emirates Skywards member must log in upfront with their personal account on emirates.com, the Emirates mobile website, or the Emirates App before commencing their commercial fare search and selection. Promotional offers are not applicable to any bookings made via Emirates Contact Centers. Tickets paid via offline or delayed payment methods, such as Bank Transfer, Western Union, Hold My Fare or Town Office Collection are not eligible.
  2. Miles Upgrade promotional offers are valid on Emirates operated flights only. All codeshare and interline flights are excluded. Outbound or inbound itineraries that involve a combination of Emirates with other airline operated flights are also excluded.
  3. Miles Upgrade promotional offers may be restricted to certain flights, cabins, fare brands, and dates. The offers may also vary across these and other dimensions. Emirates Skywards members must select the option with the Miles Upgrade message and icon displayed during the booking process in order to avail of any special offer. The offer displayed at the time of flight search remains subject to availability of seats at time of processing.
  4. Miles Upgrades promotional offers must be claimed immediately after ticket purchase (within the same session) on one of: emirates.com, the Emirates mobile website, or the Emirates App. If not done immediately upon ticket purchase, discounted Miles Upgrades offers will become invalid and availability also cannot be guaranteed.  Miles Upgrade offers are not available for upgrades done at the time of online check in, at the airport or on board.
  5. Any subsequent ticket reissue may result in voiding of the Miles Upgrade offer, especially in cases of flight or date changes where Upgrade Reward availability cannot be confirmed at time of the change. In such cases, and also for ticket cancellations, Miles refunds will be subject to normal Emirates Skywards Program Rules provisions. Additional charges may apply.
  6. Miles Upgrade promotional offers may be personalized depending on the logged in Emirates Skywards member’s profile. Miles payment must be debited from the same logged in Emirates Skywards member’s account, for all passengers on the same booking. Additional Miles may be purchased if balance is insufficient. My Family and Skysurfers accounts are not eligible for Miles Upgrade promotional offers.
  7. All passengers in a booking must purchase the Miles Upgrade offer and be processed in one transaction. Purchasing only for specific passengers within a booking is not permitted.
  8. Any emirates.com promotional code offers are excluded from Miles Upgrade promotional offers. Tickets issued with Cash+Miles promotional offers will not be eligible for Miles Upgrade promotional offers.
  9. Classic Reward tickets are excluded from Miles Upgrade promotional offers. Miles upgrades at check in are also excluded from Miles Upgrade promotional offers.
  10. Any taxes, fees, and carrier imposed charges are excluded from the offer and, where relevant, must be paid in full to take advantage of the offer.
  11. Miles Upgrade promotional offers Terms and Conditions are subject to change and any updates will be published on this website. All other Emirates Skywards Program Rules apply.

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