World Of Hyatt 101 Elite Qualifying Nights In 2021


This past Wednesday night, I passed the 100th World of Hyatt qualifying night for 2021, and as a result, I am no longer eligible for additional milestone bonuses.

Last year, I passed the milestone of the actual 100 Hyatt nights consumed in the calendar year back in August at the newly (then) open Hyatt Regency hotel in Yokohama (read more here).

You can access World of Hyatt here.

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Here’s my actual night count for 2021:

  • Stay 1: 3 nights
  • Stay 2: 3 nights
  • Stay 3: 3 nights
  • Stay 4: 11 nights
  • Stay 5: 7 nights
  • Stay 6: 1 night
  • Stay 7: 6 nights
  • Stay 8: 3 nights
  • Stay 9: 6 nights
  • Stay 10: 3 nights
  • Stay 11: 6 nights

Total Nights Consumed in 2021 = 52

Total Elite Qualifying Nights in 2021 = 101

Why the difference of 49 nights?

World of Hyatt had a promotion back at the end of 2020 that it extended until early 2021 that counted each night twice (those in 2020 for both 2020 and 2021, and then in 2021 those consumed within the promo period twice).

Why no milestone bonuses past 100 nights?

Why World Of Hyatt Milestone Bonuses Stop At 100 Nights?

Here are videos of Hyatt accommodations in 2021:


Unlike Hilton with its Honors guest loyalty program, the World of Hyatt ends milestone bonuses at 100 nights. I wish they wouldn’t because you essentially earn an additional 1,000 bonus points per night (milestone bonus every 10 nights – starting at 70 nights through 100).

All these Hyatt nights in 2021 have been consumed in Mexico, where I have stayed the past four months, but I will briefly return to Europe this week.

Let’s hope that Asia starts reopening soon for tourism arrivals. I long to return to the area where I have spent most of the time the past 10 or so years.

I am now roughly halfway through to lifetime Globalist with Hyatt that requires $200,000 in spend and a lifetime Diamond with Hilton that requires 300 more nights.