Marriott Elite Breakfast Benefit Issues Continue?


Many hotels have temporarily closed their executive lounges, especially in North America. Still, they continue to offer food and beverage at open outlets, but several readers have reported issues, especially Marriott hotels, not honoring breakfast benefits.

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You can access Marriott’s page for elite benefit guarantees here.

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Here’s one of the emails:

Marriott has previously alleged that they have returned to brand standards, which is basically nothing more than a lie.  I have stayed at various Marriot  brands since their announcement and it has been hit and miss as to whether they provide breakfast to elites.  In my case I am titanium and it happened at  two properties in Orlando and one at Newark airport which did not provide breakfast, but offered to sell me breakfast.

I get it that COVID-19 has has a toll on the travel industry.  However, Marriott should not say they are returning to brand standards when they actually have not.  The hotels in question are Marriott Newark Airport, Marriott Orlando Lakeside, and Renaissance Orlando Airport.  All that they offered in lieu of breakfast was 750 points, which amounts to about a value of $6.

I completely understand if there are no restaurants open and they can’t give breakfast, but these three hotels stated they don’t have to give breakfast because they would normally give elites breakfast in their respective lounges and due to COVID their lounges are closed so they only offer 750 points.

To me it seems like an excuse and a way for the individual hotels who I suspect are just managed by Marriott to then charge for breakfast.

I stay at least 75 plus nights a year at Marriott and I do it for the perks that comes with loyalty.  However, Marriott seems to value loyalty at $6 a stay.

I have attached copies of the conversation I had with the Renaissance in Orlando concerning this issue.  I am not trying to get something for free and again realize the troubles that the travel industry is facing.  What I don’t get is how/why Marriott asserts they are essentially  back to  brand standards when they are not.

I am sure I am not the only one who has gad this experience and thought maybe you could do an article on something like this.

Here’s another one from a Westin:

Here’s the response we received from the spokesperson:

Unless the restaurant is owned by a third-party, elite members at these brands should receive the choice of breakfast in the restaurant or 750 points.

We are reaching out to these properties and will reinforce the guidelines if the restaurants are not owned by a third party. We will also reach out to the member who contacted you.

Here’s what you should do if elite benefits not honored:

1. Request to speak with the Manager on Duty

2. If the issue not resolved, engage the General Manager

3. If still not resolved:

a) Open a case with the corporate and request compensation for the benefits not provided.

b) You may get after stay survey. Remember to give appropriate scores with comments about elite benefits not honored per the program T&Cs.

c) Leave unfavorable reviews of Google Maps and TripAdvisor and name the names of the managers who refused to provide the benefits.

d) Drop us a message about the issues you have with Marriott and with any other travel provider. We cover them here several times a week.

A reader had an issue at the Renaissance Palm Springs:

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Remember to check on Marriott’s “secret” website what hotel facilities are open.

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Marriott has reinstated Elite Member Benefit Guarantees.

Marriott Bonvoy Elite Member Benefit Guarantees Reinstated January 11, 2021


An accident at the Marriott Newark Airport may have prevented the hotel from offering breakfast for eligible elite guests, but this should have been rectified by now (per the spokesperson).

I will have a significant rant about my most recent issues dealing with Marriott affiliated hotels coming online on Wednesday. The corporate should get its act together, or the entire system will simply collapse.