Reminder To Pay Exit Tax If Taking International Flight Out From Cancun Or Cozumel


The Mexican State of Quintara Roo that includes popular tourist destinations such as Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Mayakoba, and Tulum, has instituted a new tax for international departures effective on April 1, 2021.

If you are flying out from any of the airports (Cancun & Cozumel) in the state to a destination outside of Mexico, you must pay a VISITAX of 224 MXN (roughly $11).

You can access VISITAX here.

Cancun departures hall:


This only applies to international flights out of Quintana Roo and not those flying from Quintana Roo internationally through another state in Mexico or within the country itself.

I hope that these “exit” taxes collected at airports around the world won’t return. I am sure that the financials of Quintana Roo are hurting, but these exit fees should be collected by the airlines and incorporated into ticket prices.

Are airlines informing international passengers exiting Mexico from Cancun or Cozumel to pay this tax in advance?

I remember when you had to pay the tax in local currency in Bali, and you couldn’t use a credit card to settle it. What a hassle until all airlines collected it as part of the ticket price when flying out of the island.

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