Canadians Escape Mandatory Hotel Quarantine By Entering Through Land Border Via The United States


Canada mandated mandatory quarantine for three nights while waiting for Covid-19 PCR-RT test results compulsory for all arrivals through one of the eligible airports.

Most results arrive within a day, but you must pay for three nights of hotel quarantine at a high price and will quarantine at a government facility if the test is positive. If your test is negative, you are free to leave and forgo staying for additional two nights that you have already paid.

You can access Canada’s page for entry during the pandemic here.

Many Canadians have found that it is easier to enter Canada through one of the land borders that don’t require quarantine at a hotel, and if you test positive, you can do the quarantine at your place of residence.

Here’s an excerpt from Reuters:

While both Canadian land and air travellers are required to take a test within three days of departure, and again on arrival, only those flying to Canada must spend up to three days of the country’s 14-day required quarantine period in a hotel.

That has led to a surge of calls for taxi and limousine services from Canadians who fly through U.S. airports in states like New York and then cross over the land border, representatives of four companies told Reuters.

A taxi trip across the border can cost around $200 or $250 compared with a three-day hotel stay of more than C$1,200 ($961), Canadian travel insurance broker Martin Firestone said.

The Covid-19 positivity rate is lower on the land border than on airports:

According to Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) data for Feb. 22 through March 25, 1.5% of air passengers to the country tested positive for the virus on arrival compared with 0.3% of land travellers.

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Canadians in the United States or those in other parts of the works can enter the US first and then enter Canada through one of the eligible land borders with a negative Covid-19 PCR-RT test.

You must pay for one of the cab/limousine companies to take you over the border or use your car if you drove from Canada.

The Canadian government may make some changes for land border entries and require a hotel quarantine.