Singapore May Allow Vaccinated Citizens To Travel Quarantine Free To Countries With Low Covid-19 Cases


Singapore appears to be eager to restart their travel and tourism sector first, with the Air Travel Bubble with Hong Kong starting in late May (read more here) after bursting last year even before beginning (read more here).

According to The Straits Times, the country now considers allowing vaccinated residents to travel to countries with a low number of Covid-19 cases without having to quarantine when returning home.

Here’s an excerpt from the Straits Times:

Singapore can consider allowing residents who are vaccinated to travel to countries that have low numbers of Covid-19 cases without having to be quarantined on their return, said Transport Minister Ong Ye Kung.

He noted that countries such as Britain, Denmark, France, Germany and the United States have already exempted travellers from Singapore from quarantine, in response to questions from Lianhe Zaobao after an interview on 91.3FM’s The Big Show.

“If they can keep the number of cases quite low – and it doesn’t have to go down to zero or one, two cases – we can consider allowing vaccinated Singaporeans to travel to these places. And when they return, they can just get tested instead of being quarantined,” he added.


This is a more responsible way to restart travel than the Trans-Tasman travel bubble that doesn’t allow hardly any infections.

Singapore doesn’t expect countries to which its vaccinated residents to travel to be Covid-free but rather to have a low number of cases.

Let’s hope that Singapore would also allow vaccinated travelers from countries with a low number of Covid-cases to soon travel to the country.