Marriott Hotel Bans Guests With Diabetes Or High Blood Pressure?


When you check in to a hotel, you are often asked to sign paper after paper, and very few guests pay any attention to what they agree to.

I tend to have a quick look at what I sign, and sometimes I am rolling my eyes and cross over crap that hotels or other merchants try to get you to agree into.

You can access Sheraton Buganvilias Resort in Puerto Vallarta here.

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Here’s what they ask you to sign:



By slaying at THE SHERATON BUGANVILIAS RESORT & CONVENTION CENTER and ,using its facilities including rooms, restaurants, bars, swimming pools and common areas, you acknowledge that there is a risk of exposure and possible COVID-19 contagion. You and your companions, voluntarily, freely and knowingly assume all risks related to exposure and possible COVID-19 contagion, accepting that SHERATON BUGANVILIAS RESORT & CONVENTION CENTER and/or any of its subsidiaries companies, directors, officers, collaborators, employees, agents, contractors or volunteers, will not be responsible for any illness, transmission, injury or death.

THE SHERATON BUGANVILIAS RESORT & CONVENTION CENTER will provide you all methods in its reach recommended by the Health Authorities to avoid the spread of Coronavirus. However, it is responsibility of our guests to maintain hygiene protocols and social distancing. Therefore, once you have done Check-/n you release from responsibility the Hotel SHERATON BUGANVILIAS RESORT & CONVENTION CENTER, through Valiana Internacional, S.A. de C.V., and or subsidiaries companies, of infections and or death due to COVID-19.

Under penalty of perjury you declare that you do not have any disease such as high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic heart or lungs failure, immunosuppression (acquired or caused), as well as kidney or liver failure;that you are not aware of being infected by SARS-CoV2 virus (COVID-19), as for not feeling any of the symptoms; that you do not have fever at the time of the Check-in, In addition to knowing the restrictions ordered by the Authorities due to the health contingency.

45% of the US population has high blood pressure, and roughly 11% have diabetes. Considering what you are declaring under penalty of perjury likely affects half of the US population, the hotels’ primary market. Does this make any sense?

UPDATE: We received the following statement from the Marriott spokesperson after publishing this piece:

Thank you again for bringing this to our attention. We reached out to the hotel and advised them that this requirement was against policy and the sign has been taken down.

But you are always welcome to a Sunday Mass!

If you are about to die, you are welcomed to attend a Sunday Mass at the hotel’s facility.

Here are two videos of the rooms I have had at this hotel:


So, guests who are likely staying at this Marriott property declare under penalty of perjury that they don’t have health issues, which they probably have because they affect more than half of the Americans.

Also, you must waive all the right to sue the property; it won’t happen anyway in Mexico, in case you catch a Covid-19 while at the hotel due to their lax policies.

The hotel is not up to Sheraton standards, and I would not be surprised to see it exiting the Marriott system in due course. The owners and/or management company appears to have issues with hospitality continuously.

This same hotel refused to hold a gay wedding couple of years ago that Hilton took care of.

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