JAL Puts First Class Champagnes On Sale

Many airlines have launched various sales to generate buzz among their frequent fliers, and JAL has now put its first-class champagnes on sale.

BA sold parts of its china (read more here) and first-class meal kits (read more here), Singapore Airlines business and first-class meal and beverage sets (read more here), and Finnair ready made meals in some stores in Finland (read more here).

You can access JAL’s page for Champagne sale here.

JAL has an exciting Salon set on sale for roughly $10,000!

Here’s the Salon set:

JAL International First Class Champagne. A rare set is available in limited quantities

Grand Cru of Côte des Blancs, a single field in the village of Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, a single variety, a unique champagne and salon made only with a single vintage.

The village of Le Mesnil-sur-Oger is a chalky soil that produces a highly mineral base wine, which, after long-term in-bottle aging, makes it elegant, powerful and complex, unreproducible by any other champagne. Brings a lively and profound flavor.

2008 is considered to be the great vintage of the century in Champagne, and is a coveted vintage for lovers. However, due to the low yield of grapes, the salon only produces magnum bottles suitable for long-term aging. This is the only set to get the 2008 vintage that wine lovers around the world are aiming for. Along with the latest vintages, the latest 2004, 2006 and 2007 vintages are a special set in an original wooden box with the Salon logo.

2008: 1500ml x 1
2007: 750ml x 2
2006: 750ml x 2
2004: 750ml x 2 7 in total

Other wines on sale:


Great sale from JAL may come with a sticker shock for some, but Salon is a rather pricey adult beverage that the airline serves on its first-class (not sure if all routes).

Perhaps they are selling some excess inventory in stock, although selling wine bottles won’t affect the airline’s finances.