American Express (U.S.) Membership Rewards: 15% Transfer Bonus For Avianca LifeMiles Through May 31, 2021

American Express Membership Rewards has a new promotion available for their U.S. based members, offering a 15% bonus on Membership Rewards transfers to Avianca LifeMiles.

This promotion is sponsored by LifeMiles and will for once not show up on the Amex Membership Rewards account and is available until May 31st 2021.

The ratio of transferring Membership Rewards points to LifeMiles is rather basic, 1:1 plus applicable transfer bonus (in this case 15%), but I would recommend that those who are interested in LifeMiles consider buying them instead at very low prices (usually $15 or less per 1000 miles) and save the Membership Rewards for programs where it’s impossible to buy points that cheap. Nevertheless it’s an option.

You can find the transfer option in your online Amex card account under Membership Rewards – Airline Transfers.

The applicable promotion can be found on Lifemiles own website.

Transfer your Membership Rewards® from American Express® to LifeMiles and get a 15% bonus miles from May 3rd to May 31st, 2021

How can you transfer your Membership Rewards® to LifeMiles?

  1. Make sure to have your Membership Rewards® account and your LifeMiles number
  2. Go to
  3. Select the Avianca LifeMiles option
  4. Request the transfer of your points

You can use your LifeMiles to redeem flight tickets with Avianca, Star Alliance airlines, Iberia and Aeromexico or to pay for hotel stays, rent a car or pay your favorite products at

The bonus miles will be reflected in your account statement in two separate transactions.

If you want to buy LifeMiles instead of transferring Amex over then check out their ongoing promotions with additional bonuses to compare. It all depends on how one values the Membership Rewards points.

As far as this particular campaign is concerned a 15% bonus isn’t enough to motivate me converting Membership Rewards to LifeMiles.


I probably wouldn’t transfer Amex points to Lifemiles for the reasons outlined above. You can buy their miles cheaply and the program nowadays has too many routing restrictions as well as booking engine errors for my taste.

That being said, if you find a routing that makes sense and have too many Membership Rewards to count then this current transfer promotion could be an option.

These are the Terms & Conditions for this promotion:

  • This Promotion is valid only for the transfer of American Express Membership Rewards to LifeMiles from May 3rd, 2021 (12:00 AM GMT-6) to May 31st, 2021 (12:59 PM GMT-6).
  • A minimum transfer of 1000 Membership Rewards point is required.
  • You must be previously registered as a LifeMiles member in order to participate in this promotion, you can sign up as a member at
  • During the promotion, the member will receive a 15% bonus over the Membership rewards transfer rate. The bonus miles and the transferred miles will be reflected in the account statement in two different transactions.
  • LifeMiles earned by transferring and the bonus Miles earned with this promotion do not apply to obtain or maintain the LifeMiles Elite Status.
  • Transferred LifeMiles as well as the bonus miles will be accrued no later than 24 hours after American Express Membership Rewards reports the request of miles transfer to LifeMiles.
  • American Express Membership Rewards is responsible for sending the report of mile transfer request to LifeMiles. LifeMiles are accrued according to the reports received from the American Express Membership Rewards.
  • LifeMiles is not responsible for miles not accrued, accrued mistakenly or accrued late due to report errors or delays from American Express.
  • Once the Membership Rewards are transferred to LifeMiles, the transaction cannot be reversed.
  • Upon completion of the transfer, Terms and Conditions of the LifeMiles Program apply, available at