Update On Reader Question: Original Routing Credit When Moved From British Airways To Swiss First?

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A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a question back in March via Facebook chat about getting an original routing credit with Alaska when BA rebooks on Swiss First due to a flight cancellation (read more here)

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What we covered in March:

Here’s the partial chat with the reader:

Hey John, hope you are well. I’ve got a flight to Brazil, I was originally on BA First but I got rebooked onto Swiss tonight since BA cancelled their flight.

How do you recommend I go about Original Routing Credit? I was originally gonna put the miles on Alaska, since BA F gives a lot of points there. Do I contact Alaska or BA to request the ORC?

Also a success story managing BA go rebook me on LX.

I asked where the reader plans to credit the Swiss F:


I get seenator

With one trip

Berlin-zrh-gru-poa and back. 90k status miles on MM

This was a BA business ticket upgraded with miles: On a 1.400 eur ticket – Upgraded to F with 55000 BA miles

British Airways is often unwilling to rebook outside of Oneworld, but it is their responsibility on trips ex-Europe due to EC 261/2004.

When you are rebooked outside of an alliance, there are benefits that the reader here, as he should, is taking advantage of.

You can get both tickets credited. BA books the passenger on a paid first-class fare on Swiss that you can credit to any Star Alliance program, and he chose Miles&More (Lufthansa group’s program – I credited my Lufthansa First class flights to Aegean Miles&Bonus).

The real question is if he can credit the canceled BA flights to Alaska that is very generous with miles for BA paid premium fares. The BA flights upgraded to first with miles should credit as business, although there are sometimes positive surprises (based on my personal experiences – never guaranteed, though).

Usually, you can only request ORC (Original Routing Credit) with the airline that cancels your flight (plus with another program as long as you were rebooked for flights outside of the alliance) that, in this case, would be British Airways Executive Club.

I have no experience with Alaska, but theoretically, they should decline because they are not getting any revenue from BA for these rebooked flights on Swiss. The reader certainly can get credit with BA’s Executive Club that I would approach.

UPDATE: Reader sent us what the surprise resolution was:

Just an update…
The ORC worded fine on Alaska

Alaska Airlines had credited BA flights that the airline (BA) had rebooked on Swiss.


Usually, you cannot get an ORC (Original Routing Credit) on a third-party airline that, in this instance, is Alaska that is not the ticketing, marketing, or operating airline. It is, however, a partner of British Airways.

It is usually easy to get ORC with the airline that cancels the flight and rebooks you with one outside of the alliance. It is, however, sporadic that another airline would accept these flights that were canceled for credit. Alaska was very generous here, as they are likely to get nothing from British Airways for these miles issued.

I love when premium fare flights get canceled, and you can double dip with crediting both the original and rebooked flights to separate programs. Even better if your initial ticket is an award and you are rebooked on a paid fare!

The reader managed to get quite a deal! Original business booking on BA upgraded with miles turns to first-class flights with Swiss (paid) that the reader credit to Miles&More and earns Senator status (Star Alliance Gold) with this one ticket alone.

Also, Alaska is very generous on the number of miles its credits for many premium partner flights, such as British Airways here.

What a deal!