Delta Apologizes For Hours Long Wait Times In Medallion Phone Lines


Delta has received negative publicity as of late with inadequately staffing its phone lines, leading top-tier Medallion members to wait for hours before reaching someone to deal with their reservation and other travel-related issues.

Delta relies on agents to deal with many tasks, such as simple flight changes that other airlines allow you to do online or using their apps. Delta is now hiring hundreds of new contact center employees to deal with the long wait times.

You can access Delta here.

Here’s the message that Delta has sent to some disappointed Medallion members:

We apologize for the long wait times you have experienced as a Diamond medallion and want you to know that we are addressing this issue quickly. We will be hiring new agents for our call centers over the next several weeks to help reduce the wait times for all medallions especially Diamonds.

We know that trying to reach one of our agents is frustrating at the least especially for simple tasks like upgrading seats or changing flights. We would sincerely ask for your patience at this time.

In addition to our new hiring, we are working tirelessly with our IT teams to update and improve the Fly Delta app and website. We are working through new technology updates to better improve the use and functionality of our app. These updates are applied daily, but require time to implement.

Delta is committed to providing superior customer service to all our customers and we could not do that without knowing how we can improve our service to you personally.


Perhaps investing more into IT to get its website and app up to speed with competitors would have been the most prudent thing to do? Why is there a need to call the airline to upgrade your seats or changing flights? Shouldn’t this all be automated for an airline the size of Delta?

Didn’t Delta see the travel picking up in 2021 and showed too many experienced agents the door with a package?

Now they need to deal with training the new hires that take four weeks or so, and it will likely take months before they are truly up to speed with all the ins and outs of Delta’s various policies and partners. Not good.