Reader Question: Hilton Honors Gold Members Not Eligible For Status Match?


A LoyaltyLobby sent us a question regarding a Hilton Honors match that had been denied due to having Gold-status with the program.


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You can access Hilton’s page for the status match here.

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Here’s the question from the reader:

My idea was to advance to Diamond (currently Gold) by staying 9 nights, utilizing the Diamond Status Match challenge.

However, it appears, that the Gold/Diamond Status Match is only available to Blue/Silver tier members. I have been denied the Diamond Match with the explanation that I am already a Gold member. Did I miss anything in the T/C?

Statement from the Hilton spokesperson:

As part of Hilton Honors relaxed 2021 program adjustments, frequent travelers looking to gain Hilton Honors elite status will be able to do so in half the time, with changes to its Status Match program.

Hilton Honors Base or Silver members who have status in a competitor loyalty program can apply for a Status Match to receive Gold status or Diamond status after 5- or 9-night stays, respectively, during a 90-day period. Once the qualifications are fulfilled, they will maintain status and receive instant access to Hilton Honors’ unique elite benefits until March 31, 2023.

It is indeed included on the match FAQs:

3. Who is eligible for Status Match?

Members who are currently at Base or Silver tier and have not previously enrolled in Status Match.

4. Why are Gold and Diamond members restricted from Status Match?

Gold and Diamond Members are already experiencing the benefits that come with elite Hilton Honors status; we will therefore not process these requests.

You can learn more about the match here:

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Hilton Honors Gold & Diamond Status Match & Fast Track Change 2021

Lowered elite qualification requirements for 2021:

Hilton Honors Program Changes For 2021


We actually missed this part in our Honors status match article because it was buried in the FAQ section and not in the T&Cs.

It shouldn’t be that difficult to qualify for a Diamond status in 2021 due to lowered requirements combined with the rollover from 2020.