Fabulous Friday: Hilton Hotels In The Nordics


Close to a month ago, I wrote a piece about how hospitality is not tricky but easy and used one Hyatt place as an example (read more here).

Over the past ten days, I have stayed at two Hilton hotels in Finland and one in Tallinn, and all three properties have gone out of their way to ensure that the experience is good.

Hilton Helsinki Airport

I checked in very late (came to form a flight) and left early in the morning.

The front desk told that the minibar would be complimentary for Diamond members because the lounge/service in the restaurant was closed.

The morning breakfast was a self-service buffet (yes – they are still around!).

Hilton Helsinki Strand

I again had a quick overnight, and the front desk told me that four adult beverages would be complimentary from the minibar and all non-alcoholic ones (if I understood right).

The breakfast was the usual buffet.

Hilton Tallinn

The situation in Tallinn was a bit tricky because inside dining was prohibited.

Breakfast was through in-room dining.

You could order teas, coffee, and refreshments from noon until 7 PM.

You could order alcoholic drinks and some snacks for two hours in the evening (5 PM – 7 PM).


All these three hotels demonstrated that they value their frequent guests (Diamonds) and do beyond what is the absolute minimum.

I actually wouldn’t mind in-room breakfast in most mornings because I am not a huge fan of restaurant breakfasts unless the environment is calm, quiet, and comfortable.