Why Hilton First Shows Honors Point Earnings As Zero?


Hilton stays tends to post to your Honors account overnight, sometimes within few hours, depending on where you are (Sebastian recently wrote about this – read more here).

Often, when you check the app right after you check out, the stay appears in your Honors activity with zero points, and we have received emails from readers that have been worried that there is something wrong.

You can access Hilton Honors here.

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Usually, within 12 to 24 hours after your stay, you can see the entire point earnings.

The iPhone app shows the earnings breakdown.

While the Android one doesn’t.


I have not had any issues with my Hilton stays posting correctly for a long time (they had some integration issues the other year), and promotions have been from good to great lately.

It is refreshing when you compare to Marriott, which continues to have issues, and getting the correct number of points, and sometimes even nights, issued for stays a never-ending battle.

Hilton should get its Android app to show the stay point earnings breakdown like the Apple one does. Not sure why they haven’t fixed this, considering that Android phones are far more popular than Apple ones outside of the US (I carry both).

So, when your stay first posts with zero points, some patience. It will correct itself within few hours.

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