PCR-RT Test Experience At The Arts Hotel (Ritz-Carlton) In Barcelona


Last week, I had one PCR-RT test in Tallinn (cheapest so far – only 70 euros) required both for transiting in Amsterdam and for entry to Spain.

I am on my way back to Mexico to meet some friends over the Memorial Day weekend and needed another test due to Netherlands transit even when the destination country doesn’t require anything beyond self-declaration.

Here are the instructions from Quiron Salud:

Download (PDF, 311KB)

I sent the requested information with a copy of a bank transfer:

Dear Quiron Salud,

Please find below the information requested, and I have included a copy of the payment made from my HSBC account this morning.

Full name of each person – REMOVED

Name of the hotel – Hotel Arts Barcelona

Date & Hour desired for the PCR test – I would prefer today (May 15) around 6 PM (18:00)

Passport number of each person – REMOVED

Nationality of each person – Finland

Date of Birth of each person – REMOVED

Phone number – +358 50 REMOVED

Email address – REMOVED

Please confirm at the earliest opportunity. I need this for my flight on Monday.

I sent the email at 9:45 AM on Saturday morning and received a call back at 10:19 AM. The 6 PM slot was not available, but 5:30 PM was equally good for me.

The person arrived to take the test at 5:25 PM. Unlike Hilton Mexico City, the Arts Hotels (Ritz-Carlton) didn’t have a specific space for taking the sample, so we went to my suite.

This was the second-worst nasal swab I have had. Almost as invasive and painful as I had in Finland many months ago.

The results arrived at 8:24 on Sunday morning, both in Spanish and in English. They somehow had my sex wrong, I replied and got a correct one a few hours later.

Here’s my experience in Mexico City:

Fast Covid-19 PCR-RT Test Experience In Mexico City


There were some slightly cheaper options in Barcelona (around 100 euros), but scheduling the appointment and getting the results within a reasonable time could have been challenging.

I was more than happy to pay a reasonable premium to get someone to do a deep nasal cleaning (it was terrible this time) at the hotel than me having to take a cab to some clinic and back.

This specific provider requires payment by wire transfer, very convenient if you have a bank account in the Euro area but challenging for those not living in the continent.

I was impressed how fast they got back to me on Saturday morning, and scheduling the appointment for the same afternoon wasn’t an issue. The results were received within 15 hours.