Aegean Miles+Bonus Double Miles Through October 31, 2021

Aegean has launched a new offer for domestic and international flights on its own and Olympic Air network.

Miles+Bonus members earn double miles on flights through October 31, 2021, if booked May 19 – June 8.

You can access this offer on Aegean’s website here.

Miles+Bonus Aegean & Olympic Air earnings tables:

These miles earnings are before double or elite bonus miles/



You can also save on Aegean’s bookings and combine it with double miles:

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Some bonus miles for Miles+Bonus members who now book for summer travel on Aegean and Olympic Air through October 31, 2021.

I have four flights booked with Aegean for July but won’t earn a bonus due to reserving them outside the booking window.

Here are the T&Cs of this offer:

The offer is valid for one way and return flights operated by AEGEAN and Olympic Air network.

Τhe offer is valid exclusively for award miles.

Valid for bookings from 19.05.2021 up until 08.06.2021 and for flights from 19.05.2021 up until 31.10.2021.

The extra award miles will be credited up until 15 working days after the completion of each flight and provided that the Member has entered Miles+Bonus member ID during reservation.