How Important Complimentary Hotel Breakfast Is For You?


Hilton yesterday announced temporary changes to Honors Gold and Diamond breakfast benefit in the United States through the end of 2021 (read more here).

There appear to be two or three camps when it comes to complementary hotel breakfast. Which one do you belong to?

1. Breakfast is of utmost importance

The included breakfast is a deal-breaker for many who eat it every morning. It is often rather pricey at hotels because it is usually an expendable item for business travelers.

2. Sometimes is – other times not

Then some may decide whether to eat breakfast or not based on the quality of the food or the environment. Perhaps they eat it on when traveling on business but skip it on leisure stays or vice versa.

3. Doesn’t care at all

Then there are members to whom included breakfast doesn’t matter at all. Most business travelers, at least those not self-employed, usually don’t care, as daily per diem covers it.

Elite benefits survey from August:

We run a survey among our readers about what elite benefit they value the most. If you remove the club lounge access at brands or hotels that were not available, the breakfast would have likely been in the first spot.

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Many Hilton’s have had offered “breakfast” bags:

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Three Hilton’s in Europe just offered fantastic breakfasts:

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I sometimes have breakfast and other times not. I often travel with friends to whom it is imperative and get cranky quickly if they don’t have one.

For me, the breakfast venue and food selection, and quality mean a lot. I cannot handle a restaurant that resembles a high school cafeteria in the morning, but I need a calm and pleasant environment without lines and prefer table service.

I have really liked hotels that have provided a complimentary in-room breakfast during the pandemic that is not usually covered during normal times.

Offering points or daily F&B credits is likely a considerable downgrade for those that have breakfast every day. The daily credit that Hilton will offer to Gold and Diamond members (awaiting confirmation about the amounts) is likely so low that it won’t even cover a continental breakfast.

Obviously, this is better than offering nothing, and likely winners are business travelers that can expense breakfast and then use the credit for, let’s say, an adult beverage or two in the evening.